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I know. It’s been long. Mea Culpa. I know you’ve missed me.

For some reason only the tech gods will ever truly grasp, I haven’t been able to access my own blog for too-long-to-mention. Just like clockwork: du moment I want to pick up writing again, the whole thing had vanished into thin air. What are the odds?
Long story short: it took a whole month but it’s fixed and I am back at the wheel.

So after weeding out over 1000 spam messages and installing almost as many updates, it’s kind of like a new beginning. In more ways than one too. To say that a lot has happened since my last post would be the understatement of the year. When I look back on everything I start to feel overwhelmed and I hate being overwhelmed.
So let’s not go there all in one blog post. It would be a boring read anyway.

To start with the most recent events: after 11,5 years of close-knit-loving-bliss & togetherness-in-good-times-and-in-bad,
The Best Boyfriend did not turn out to be such a catch after all. And that’s maybe the biggest understatement. What are the odds?

The wound is still verily oozing with freshness, so please be gentle with me.
I may or may not bore you out of your mind by going into the how’s and why’s of the whole disaster in months to come. Or not.
Which just about sums up how I have been approaching life these past weeks.
One hour, nay, one minute at a time. Allowing myself to feel or not feel as I need it. And share as needed. Or not.
Being kind to myself as much as possible. And telling myself not to be such a woos the next minute. Whichever I need at the time. They say it’s a kind of mourning. And, knowing a wee bit about mourning, I can say that’s the 100% ugly truth.

The good news is: there is plenty of fun stuff to write about too! Many, many happy events took place while I was out playing and I fully intend to share anything and everything with you.

I am having mega trouble sleeping, so I am due for a much needed nap. Don’t you just love nap time? Almost as good as chocolate. Almost.

Promise I won’t be long!



2 thoughts on “A new beginning…

  1. Zach Morton says:

    I’m sorry that you’re going through a hard time with your separation, I know how that one feels too. Just know that the right one will make you laugh about the last one. As far as your blog goes, keep going! Blogging is fun, and helps us as much as it helps others! Much love and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

  2. Figolilo says:

    Love your fresh blog start and wishing you all the best for your journey …

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