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is for this first-post-writers-block to stop already.

No just kidding. But even though I have multiple posts lined up, for some reason I feel the first should reflect that it’s.. the first. Or something to that effect. Which I can’t see to pull off.

So I am just going to go ahead and write down the thought I woke up with this morning. It’s the day after Sinterklaas (dutch holiday for kids and pranksters and no I don’t care for it one iota).
All the kids are playing with their toys and getting sick and cranky on the chocolate and candy that were left at the door yesterday and all I am thinking is:

Did I miss something?? How is it only 3 weeks till Christmas all of a sudden??
Between Halloween and today there was supposed to be a whole month right? I think it’s called November but I have only a vague recollection of it.

Even though Christmas is fast approaching, this is the year of NO deadlines. This year there will be no pressure to get the house Pinterest-perfect and the food planned meticulously and made from scratch right down to the mulled wine and chocolate truffles. Because that would be me to a T for most of my adult life.
Only perfection would do even if it killed me. And it almost has on more occassions than I care to reminisce on.

But getting older has it’s advantages. I’ve learned that less-than-perfect can be ok. I’ve learned that it’s ok to chill the heck out. Well most of the time anyway.
The world will not go to hell if store-bought hors d’heuvres are served on non-matching plates with paper napkins. You may laugh but that is actually kindof a huge deal in my world.

So as the old familiar panicky “oh-no-its-almost-Christmas” rush came over me this morning, I almost instantly relaxed and realized that this time around there is only one thing that is important..

Our peace of mind.

The house may not be deep cleaned but it will be decorated. and peaceful.
The tree will be trimmed with all the familiar ornaments my mom and my grandmother used over the years.
Hot chocolate and good food will be served and candles will be lit.

We will spend time together, eat, drink, watch some cheesy Christmas movies and throw in some work for good measure too. We will have to wing it here and there but its going to be fine.

In fact, it’s going to be perfect.




Christmas Rules




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