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Soooo you had all these resolutions.. Errr… Goals for 2015?

9th January 2015

Yeah. Me too.

and then this ridiculous horrible virus attacked me and left me bedridden for what is now day 7 already. Meh. I haven’t been sick in years but this one got me good. Bored with it. Worst of all? I can barely knit! Yes. Knit! I love to knit. Hadn’t done it in ages but a pair of coverless IKEA pillows in an odd size made me do it. Couldn’t find nice covers the right size, so I decided to make some. That’s how I roll. And lo and behold knitting is now actually “hip”. Everyone is doing it, bar the odd duck who insists crochet is even hipper. Which we all know isn’t true. Obviously. This just about sums it up. It works.


Anyway. All those lovely posts I was going to write and schedule and bombard you with starting January 1st? Did not happen. My head was exploding but not with brilliant prose. So that is why I am attempting this little update from my boudoir. Comfortably in my bed with honeyed tea, licorice and Kleenex on standby. Cuz I know you miss me terribly.

Two days ago my cousin Megan in Sydney, Australia had a beautiful baby boy named Hunter! and of course I am figuring out what to craft this lovely newborn! Shhhh!! Under construction.

Because of this flu I can’t go on my next yarn haul. And as every selfrespecting yarnaholic I am getting serious withdrawl symptoms. So I thought I might share my latest project to take my mind off of my misery and my snotty Kleenex.

If you’d like to see what I am up to knit-wise, check out

Right now I am working on some fingerless mittens. I love fingerless because I don’t need to take them off to scramble for something at the bottom of my bag or using my phone. This particular pattern is called Easy Peasy Mitts on Ravelry and yes they are quite easy to make.

And yet I managed to screw them up in so many ways. Oh well. I have another skein of this yarn to try again. I blame the painkilller-induced mindfog I was under when attempting these. That happens.

Not too frosty for a first mitten project if I do say so myself. Of course one is shorter and slightly (ok a lot) wider than the other but once on I am the only one who knows. And now you do. I’m loving them anyway. Cuz they’re my firstborns.

Funny thing was that, despite their different shape and size, they managed to weigh EXACTLY 20 grams each. Perfection, no? Which means that theoretically I could get 6 mitts out of 2 skeins. Which means I could go into business!! Oh wait. I just closed a business cuz I kinda sucked at that. Must be my fever-clogged brain rambling again.

Anywhoo. Have you been crafty and/or struck with the Evil Flu lately? How did you manage? What did you make? If on ravelry, hit me up and lets knit along! I love that.

Better yet show me in the comments!!

Back after this teensy little nap.

Love you


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