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After once again going through weeks of frustratedly trying to log into my own blog (won’t bore you with the details) I finally stumbled upon a kind spirited online soul who took pity on me and fixed the problem. On top of that, he pimped my little online space to look like it does today. All without so much as blinking, at least that’s what it seemed like to a tech nitwit like myself. Hallelujah.

So a huge shout out to tech god for saving me from blogging doom. You are my hero Zach.

Because of all this login mess, Christmas came and went without me being able to share my musings on it with you, but I am not going to wait another 51 weeks so here goes my Christmas 2016 report.

The last 11 or so Christmases were spent with my exes family. My 2 sisters were always either on holiday or with their children. Our parents are no longer with us so that’s just the way things grew.
Current events forced me to look at the holiday season with new eyes and decide to approach things differently this year.
While still going through some major grieving at times, I was strangely looking forward to Christmas. As it turned out, both my sisters would be home and invited me to spend the holidays with them. Henk, my sisters partner cooked lovely Thai food and we spent the afternoon and evening chatting, eating and celebrating. It was fun, relaxing and a nice change from previous years. I almost forgot how relaxing it can be to spend time with ones own relatives.

Christmas Eve brought another new experience and (I hope) a new tradition. My ex-sister-in-law (who is also still my best friend) lives close to me and we both decided a change was in order.
We invited the lovely neighbors for some mulled wine in the afternoon, to thank them for a year of caring for and looking out for one another. And proceeded to spend the evening in thermal undies and thick layers of knitwear outside in her yard.

Because folks: it was COLD. But it’s amazing what a big fire pit, sizzling lamb chops on the barbecue, hot wine, soup and a dear friend to share it with can do to warm a persons insides. We made breadsticks over our campfire and sang along to Christmas songs from the cd player outside. We had so much fun we completely forgot we also had marshmallows and hot choclate with rum. But those will keep.

Knitting projects went completely neglected in all these celebrations and my whole plan of finishing my WIP’s before the end of the year? You guessed it.

How did you spend your Christmas? Was it all you hoped it would be? was it different/better/worse than previous years? I love to hear how you spent your Christmas and hope it was the best ever!
Merry (belated) Christmas everyone!



One thought on “The Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. Frederique says:

    Ik heb iets belangrijks gemist! Nu is het echt een keer tijd voor koffie hoor…. En yeah yeah for hero Zach!!

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